Steal it perfectly~!

I am doneee~

1st pic: Possibly something Star would have bought for Dark to cuddle with- since Dark is simply so damn cute- but then later on, it’s all ripped up due to Dark~ 8D

2nd pic: more StarDark.

3rd pic: Wear decided to wear some contacts but starts crying, or tearing up a lot, due to first time wearing contacts, never succeeded and now he can’t find his glasses. And Asymmetry is there wondering if Wear’s feelings was hurt or something bad happened to him that would make him cry. -does not know it was contacts pffh- and Wear doesn’t really want to humiliate himself in front of Asymmetry. ahaaa I didn’t bother looking at what Asymmetry’s clothes was and forgot the tears to Wear’s eyess 8D

Time for me to go to sleep~~ 

Sweet dreams~~!!

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